GlobeMed at Cornell is pleased to announce our inaugural GROW trip to our partner organization AMMID in Comitancillo, San Marcos, Guatemala!

What is GROW? The GrassRoots Onsite Work (GROW) internship program is crucial to the GlobeMed model. Every year, 3-5 students from each chapter intern on the ground for 3-8 weeks with their partner organization. The GROW internship is vital in order to learn more about each other, to understand the different cultures and how to overcome the barriers to make the greatest and most sustainable positive change through our projects. Our GROW team is headed to AMMID May 24th- June 21st! Safe travels, Jodie, Lea, Michelle, and Rie; we can’t wait to be updated during your trip and hear about it upon your return!

For more information about GlobeMed at Cornell, please visit our website.