Hi! I’m Rie, a rising sophomore in Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences studying Biology and Society. I am one of this year’s GROW interns, and am super excited to visit Comitancillo, San Marcos, Guatemala this summer to find out more about AMMID’s community and needs.

GlobeMed has been more than an organization. It has become one of my deepest passions in my freshman year. I have dedicated my time to learning aspects of public health and medicine. Through GlobeMed, I am able to proactively improve health inequalities and communities through small steps and efforts. As a team, we work together to provide health care to those who need it the most. This organization has provided me the opportunity to connect with students not only at Cornell, but also around the country, through conferences and social media.

I decided to be a GROW intern, as I wanted to get more involved in the organization and find out toward what goals this partnership is aiming. So far, I know that AMMID is a community-encompassing and proactive organization that focuses on maintaining its Maya Mam culture through sustainable improvements in health, empowerment, agriculture, politics and economics. What I want to do is change these words into understanding. I want to create friendships with people in the community and immerse myself in the culture that we are trying to maintain and support. I want to communicate with them and understand what we can do to help them.

My main aims for this trip are to:

  1. Connect with the AMMID-community
  2. Discuss possible projects we can do at Cornell
  3. Discuss projects AMMID wants to do and how we can support it
  4. Understand the culture and the necessities of the community
  5. Immerse myself in the culture of Comitancillo

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